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Installing a Balcony


  • Purchase the correct fixings based upon the material you are fixing to. Our Fixings Advice page is a good starting point but you should ensure that all connections between the balcony and building structure are approved by a suitably qualified person.
  • Please be aware that, because of the approximate finished weights of our products (as detailed below), it may be necessary to have additional support for the Juliet balcony until fixings are secure.
Liffey 28Kg 34Kg 39Kg 45Kg 57Kg 62Kg
Derwent 29Kg 35Kg 39Kg 45Kg 51Kg 57Kg
Tees 33Kg 39Kg 44Kg 50Kg 57Kg 64Kg
Medway 39Kg 44Kg 50Kg 54Kg 63Kg 69Kg
Thames 36Kg 45Kg 50Kg 58Kg 66Kg 75Kg
Tweed 48Kg 46Kg 52Kg 60Kg 67Kg 75Kg
Severn 38Kg 60Kg 69Kg 78Kg 90Kg 99Kg

Positioning and Fixing

  • If your balcony is wrapped in any way, remove only enough packaging to expose the mounting brackets, leave as much of the existing packaging in place for added protection from knocks and scrapes during the installation.
  • ‘Offer up’ the balcony to the surface you are mounting onto. Ensure the balcony is positioned the correct height with reference to our Standards Advice. Pay particular attention to the floor height advice as follows:

NHBC Standard Guidelines

  1. Juliet balcony handrail must be a minimum height of 1100mm above the internal finished floor level.
  2. If the window sill is 300mm to 600mm above the floor level, the Juliet balcony handrail must be a minimum height of 700mm above the window sill.
  3. Where the window or door is deemed part of a fire escape route (further information here) Juliet balcony handrail height must also not exceed 1100mm.

  • Using a spirit level to ensure it is aligned properly, mark the position of the fixing holes.
  • If necessary (depending on fixing type) move the balcony out of the way and drill for fixings.
  • Install fixings in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Always remember to use packers if the surface to which you are fixing is not true or level.
  • Resin Anchors - Please be aware that resin anchors are likely to fail if the correct procedure is not followed. Curing time must be allowed, as stated by the resin manufacturer, before securing the juliet.
  • Once securely fixed to the wall, remove all packaging materials from the Juliet balcony. Clean off any dust or residue with a damp soft cloth.

Still not sure?

Most builders will be comfortable fitting a Juliet balcony but Forjj may be able to offer an installation service for your balcony. Please click here to contact us.