How to Install a Gate


Purchase the correct fixings based upon the material you are fixing to. Common fixing methods are sleeve anchors, brick screws, and (for steel or timber posts) concrete and post mix.

Positioning and Fixing

Recommendations for installing a gate with posts:

  1. Lay out and line up your gate and posts in front of the opening to check the size is correct.
  2. Dig holes for posts.
  3. Using wooden chocks, temporarily support and prop the post in the hole.
  4. Using a spirit level, check the post is level front and back, left and right.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 for second post.
  6. Using a small amount of quick set post mix, cover approximately one fifth to one quarter of the bottom of the post.
  7. Once set, set your eye bolts onto the hinge pins.
  8. Remove the nut furthest from the hinge pin.
  9. Slide the gate onto the threaded eye bolts.
  10. Re-secure the nuts and tighten up.
  11. With the gate in place, adjust the bolts so that the gate latch aligns and connects with the clashing point.
  12. Using a level, check the frame of the gate is level vertically and horizontally, adjust eye bolts if needed.
  13. Once happy with the final position of the gate, fill the rest of the holes with concrete. If desired, leaving approximately 50mm gap from finished floor level for touching up with tarmac repair, loose stone, soil or turf.
  14. Trim excess length from eye bolts and spoil the remaining threads if you want to discourage theft. Apply the supplied nut caps to give a clean appearance to the hinge mechanism.

Still not sure?

Most DIY’ers will be comfortable fitting one of our gates and a local fencer or landscaper will be very familiar with these products. If you are still having trouble finding an installer, or for large-scale orders, Forjj may be able to offer an installation service for your gates. Please click here to contact us.