How to measure for a gate

How do I measure for my new gate?

You don’t need to be an expert to buy a gate with confidence. We’ve kept things simple; you only need two pieces of information to order from us.

  1. The only measurement you need for a Forjj gate is the aperture (or ‘pathway width’). This is the horizontal measurement of the clear opening you want the gate to fill. Order based on this size and you’re guaranteed a suitable fit.
  2. Which side you’d like your hinges (Left or Right).

Tips for Measuring

  1. Use a metal tape measure as cloth ones can stretch and give you an inaccurate reading.
  2. If measuring between existing fencing, posts, brickwork or structures, measure at 2 different locations [at ground level and at least halfway (say 500mm) up].
  3. If you are going to be fitting new posts, measure at ground level across the pathway or opening that you want to cover. This will be the dimension inside posts once your gate is in place.
  4. Don’t worry if you get two different measurements. As long as they aren’t wildly different use the larger of the two measurements as your aperture.
  5. Measure twice, order once. It’s best to be confident about the size you are ordering so double-check your measurement or have someone else verify it.
  6. If you’re in any doubt about what to measure or what to order, just drop Forjj a line for more advice.

Which size do I choose?


We’ve based our standard gate size options on the most common pathway and opening widths in UK construction.

Apertures do vary slightly so each of our standard gate sizes will suit a maximum and minimum aperture range:

I’ve measured in cmI’ve measured in inchesAperture size to order
from 82cm to 84cmfrom 32″ to 33″820mm to 840mm
from 89cm to 92cmfrom 35″ to 36″895mm to 915mm
from 97cm to 99cmfrom 38″ to 39″970mm to 990mm
Anything else!Anything else!See below
I’ve measuredAperture size to order
from 82cm to 84cm
from 32″ to 33″
820mm to 840mm
from 89cm to 92cm
from 35″ to 36″
895mm to 915mm
from 97cm to 99cm
from 38″ to 39″
970mm to 990mm
Anything else!See below

If your aperture measurements fall outside of these ranges please contact us and we will be happy to help. We can accommodate any other size that you require, sometimes at little or no additional cost.

Should I look out for anything else?

On average, the gap below a gate is 75mm from the ground. Check that the area that your gate will swing over is clear of obstruction and fairly level.

For example, is the pathway sloped towards the house? Is a step present within close proximity of the gate which may prevent the gate from opening 100%?

Another common obstacle is that of underground services such as pipes and cables (watch for manholes and other access covers in close proximity). Don’t panic if you see any such issues as we can (and have) worked around all sorts of unusual obstacles in the past. Just get in touch or even send us a photograph if you would like any advice.

How do I choose hinge side?

As a general rule, a gate should swing over your own property, and not over a neighbour’s or public land. You should choose the hinge side for your gate according to this guide.

Sketch out your gate or imagine yourself walking towards the gate and pushing it open. If you push the gate open and it swings to your right, the hinge is on the right. If you push the gate open and it swings to the left, the hinge is on the left.

Gates (A) and (B) are Right Hinged. Gates (C) and (D) are Left Hinged.

Gate Hinge Direction2

See also our FAQs for more measuring and selection advice.