UKCA Compliance

This page previously referred to CE Marking, post-Brexit, the relevant British equivalent term is now UKCA. Any reference to CE or UKCA on our site can be used interchangeably.

In the metalwork industry, UKCA Marking is governed by the British Standard BS EN ISO 1090 but, unfortunately, this vital safety legislation is ignored by some balcony manufacturers.

We are frequently asked; “are Juliet balconies covered by UKCA Marking requirements?” Advice around the internet varies but, for us, the UKCA requirements legislate that any component within a building must “be designed and executed so as not to endanger the safety of persons, domestic animals or property nor damage the environment”. Juliet balconies are classed as a building component and therefore must comply.

What does UKCA mean to me?

Compliance is about designing and manufacturing a product which is certified as safe:

  • The design must be made of strong enough materials to perform its task.
  • The design must have calculations or test results to confirm strength and load resistance.
  • The product must be manufactured (welded) in accordance with a strict standard.
  • The product must be manufactured by a certified craftsman whose workmanship and welding has been inspected and tested.
  • The manufacturer must provide certification to the customer.
  • The manufacturer must maintain records to show traceability of materials, workmanship and inspection for a fixed number of years.

These steps combine to give you, the customer, peace of mind about the suitability of a safety-critical product to keep you and your family (or those of your customers) safe.

Forjj are UKCA Certified for balcony manufacture

Steelcraft (NE) Ltd and our Forjj brand are proud to advise that we are fully compliant with the UKCA regulations and have been accredited up to Execution Class 2 [EXC2]. We are formally assessed and certified annually to ensure that we continue to meet the standards. We also carry out regular in-house audits between inspections.

All products supplied will be issued with a Certificate of Conformity in compliance with retained EU law EUR 305/2011. This documentation is proof that the balcony supplied by Forjj has been fabricated to EXC2 by a UKCA approved fabricator [see also ISO 9606-1].

For more information please contact us and we will be happy to help.