Simply by selling metalwork items online, Forjj could be considered an innovator by our traditional industry standards, but this is only the tip of the iceberg that the customer sees. Internally the company is always innovating, whether that be new processes, new machinery, staff training or in this case… the everyday workbench.

The workbench as a ‘tool’ can often be overlooked. Part of the furniture. The area where the exciting things happen. Forjj thought it could be more than this so set out a project for improvements and within two weeks we have a working prototype. This is an age compared to the Samsungs or the Teslas of the world, but for a modest manufacturing set-up in the UK it is nothing to be sniffed at.

Our company culture of collaboration took us to the shopfloor where the design team and fabricators ironed out details and sketched out the ‘perfect bench’. It was Peter Holden, a time-served fabricator with the company and held in the highest regard amongst his peers, who took lead on designing the bench and later welded the prototype together.

As far as work benches go you would consider this to be a mammoth, and not the average bench you might find in your garage at home, much like the rest of the products we do through Forjj! With a large worktop, adjustable height and internal storage compartments, this bench is far above the ‘fit for purpose’ minimum we set out to achieve. 

The key feature to shout about is the use of industrial spec castors on the feet, which are completely solid with the brakes applied, but allow the bench to be moved freely when required. The weight of the bench alone would usually require a forklift, so in a fast-paced manufacturing environment this has seen an impressive reduction of set-up times across the board.

The only problem we have is that the rest of the workshop have put their orders in!

While not listed for sale, if you feel your workshop could benefit from our ‘Workbench 2.0’ please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss.