Revamp your Bedroom with a Juliet Balcony

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If you have spacious windows in your bedroom or are thinking about installing bi-fold doors, have you considered the many benefits of including a Juliet balcony in your bedroom?

Juliet balconies provide access to the outdoors, letting in light, air, and allowing a safe space to open windows or doors on higher levels of your home to create a more open space.

Discover the benefits of adding a Juliet balcony to your bedroom:  

Better Airflow

Enjoy better sleep with fresh air streaming in gently through an open window, without the worry of putting pets or your children at risk of falling through wide-open doors or windows.

Fresh air helps ventilate your bedroom and improves air quality, reducing the possibility of mould or damp developing in your room. Having a door or window open to a Juliet balcony can also help reduce stuffiness and add a nice white noise to help you gently drift off to sleep.

Dry laundry more easily, provide light for an indoor garden or house plants, and smell the fresh outdoor air while enjoying views from your bedroom’s Juliet balcony.

A Relaxation Nook

Curate a space in your bedroom for relaxation and meditation with the addition of a Juliet balcony.

Arrange an armchair, yoga mat, or window seat next to your secure window or door opening and breathe in fresh air, soak in natural light, and listen to the birdsong as you enjoy your new comfortable bedroom nook.

Lighter and Brighter Mornings

Spring is well on its way, so take advantage of your Juliet balcony by letting the earlier sunlight wake you up naturally in the morning alongside a soft breeze.

Soaking in daylight can help improve productivity and restore your Vitamin D levels after a long winter, so it’s a great time to become a morning person with the addition of a Juliet balcony in your bedroom.

Connecting with Nature

Watch the leaves rustle, hear the birdsong, and bring the outdoors in with a window or door leading to a Juliet balcony.

Plus, there’s no need to tidy an outdoor balcony that could collect leaves and bird droppings, since Juliet balconies are fitted to the side of your property and allow a connection to nature without the added maintenance requirement of keeping a balcony floor clean.

Forjj provides a selection of standard Juliet balconies in metal and glass, available in a variety of designs to suit your home. We also offer bespoke designs to if you desire a unique style for your bedroom’s Juliet balcony!  

Get in touch to discuss your project ideas or browse our website to view our range of Juliet balconies that could help transform your bedroom design!

Published On: April 29, 2024
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