Lookbook: Double Tweed Juliet Balconies

juliet balcony bi fold door

The team at Forjj is always delighted to see the lovely photos our customers share with us of their new Juliet balconies!

We recently supplied a pair of our stylish Tweed Juliet balconies to a lovely customer whose builders installed them side-by-side on adjacent bi-fold doors on the first floor of their enchanting property.

The Tweed Juliet features a contemporary feel with a wrought iron look, the perfect complement to the brick exterior of this home. The artistic mix of horizontal and vertical lines and decorative cross details add a glamorous touch to the double bi-fold doors.

The galvanised and powder coated balcony in black matches the roofing and compliments the white bi-fold doors and windows of the brick building.

The customer, Ali, was pleased with the outcome following the installation of the Juliet balconies during their home renovation. She got in touch with the Forjj team to say:

“We ordered and received 2 Juliet balconies from yourself, through our builders. They are fantastic. Thank you!”


Forjj supplies a range of ten standard Juliet balcony designs in mild stainless steel, with options from minimalistic balcony styles to more ornate choices like the Tweed Juliet in these images. We also offer bespoke balcony designs for those looking for something more unique or better suited for your property.

Browse our products online or get in touch with any questions or to request a bespoke Juliet balcony design.

Published On: March 8, 2024
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