Forjj & Steelcraft move to new premises amidst expansion plans

Forjj Steelcraft new premises

Forjj’s sister company, Steelcraft (NE) Ltd, has moved its production to facilities that are more than twice the size of its former location to support the two companies’ ambitious expansion goals!

Forjj is a trading name of Steelcraft, a metalwork manufacturer based in County Durham.

Founded in 1989, Steelcraft specialises in the design, production, and installation of high-quality metalwork such as railings, gates, handrails, balconies, and secondary steelwork. Forjj is the e-commerce division of Steelcraft, offering a range of Juliet balconies, gates, and railings for residential and commercial properties that can be ordered directly from our website.

Steelcraft went through a strategic acquisition in August 2022 after experiencing difficulties with supply issues and increasing costs of steel due to the pandemic. The acquisition by Argento Investments, part of Silvanito Holdings, saved 27 jobs. The companies relocated to their newly renovated site in February 2023 following an initial £400,000 investment.

The new facility is a recently refurbished 16,500 sq ft facility in Tanfield Lea in Stanley, County Durham, a short distance away from the old premises. The extra space, open plan footprint, and outdoor space will deliver a considerable improvement for both Forjj and Steelcraft’s teams’ working environments.

Louise Walker, newly appointed Managing Director at Steelcraft, said: “It’s not very often we come across such an impressive core business and workforce, it is a perfect fit for our portfolio and, as our first investment in the North East, we have put in place everything necessary to focus on maintaining high standards and pushing for growth.”

“There is huge potential to expand the online FORJJ business, increase product lines, and build both our customer and supplier bases throughout the UK,” she added.

Matthew Rodgers, General Manager of Steelcraft and Forjj, said: “It’s heartening to know that the company we’ve built over so many years has a bright and secure future, and we’re all excited and proud to play our part in helping it reach its full potential once again. We are thrilled to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, benefitting from group support and resources whilst being able to offer an extended range of products and services to our customers.”

Find out more from Insider Media Limited and Business Live, or learn more about Steelcraft’s recent acquisition.

Published On: March 17, 2023
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