The Benefits of Galvanised Steel Juliet Balconies and Gates

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Did you know that all Forjj steel Juliet balconies and gates are supplied with a hot dip galvanised pre-treatment as standard? Find out why this makes our products superior to others and learn about the benefits of choosing Forjj galvanised balconies and gates:

How does hot dip galvanising work?

Galvanising is the process of dipping steel products into molten zinc which forms a metallurgical bond between the zinc and steel. The rust prevention treatment creates a robust zinc layer on the steel that provides protection from even the harshest and most exposed climates. It is a superior method to zinc-rinch powders and paints, and even to electro-galvanising, as it provides better long-term protection.

What are the benefits of choosing galvanised Juliet balconies and gates?

  • Galvanised steel products are protected against rust, and can even provide ‘cathodic protection,’ which means that if a section of the steel is scratched, the surrounding zinc will continue to resist corrosion.
  • Galvanising ensures that Forjj products are in accordance with the British Standard BS EN ISO 14713-1:2009.
  • The Juliets and gates will benefit from uniform and complete coverage, so even the corners have equal protection to flat surfaces, and hollow steel tubes are protected both inside and out.
  • Galvanising reduces the corrosion rate to 1/30th of bare steel to help the gates and balconies last for decades!
  • Galvanised metalwork does not require painting, and the bright and shiny appearance will soon dull to a grey or white matt appearance.
  • However, galvanised balconies and gates can be painted if you would like. You can use an appropriate metal paint or Forjj can provide a factory finish through a process called polyester powder coating in a choice of RAL colours.
  • Forjj Juliet balconies and gate should be rust free for at least 50 years due to the galvanising process!

Browse our range of galvanised Juliet balconies and steel gates online or contact us with any questions or to request a bespoke design!

Published On: June 11, 2024
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