Do Juliet balconies require planning permission?

juliet balcony planning permission uk

A Juliet balcony, which can also be known as a Balconette, window guard or false balcony, is a railing that is placed across open windows, French doors, or an opening to create a balcony effect in your home.

Juliet balconies typically fall under Permitted Development in the UK, which allows you to install a Juliet balcony without the need to make a planning application. We suggest that you double check with your local authority to confirm the rules in your location to ensure that you don’t require planning permission, because there could be a stipulation if you live in a conservation area, for example. However, in most cases and as a general rule of thumb, Forjj Juliet balconies do not require any planning permissions.

Installation of a Juliet balcony doesn’t require extending the property and since it takes up little space, it can be a better option for homes in built-up residential areas. A Juliet is also a cheaper and easier option than installing a full ‘walk-on’ balcony, which typically will require some type of planning permission because it can affect neighbours’ privacy and sight lines.

Forjj Juliet Balconies

Forjj offers a range of standard Juliet balconies in glass and stainless steel in a variety of styles as well as a bespoke service if you would like to design your own Juliet balcony.

Choose from our glass Juliets, the Severn and the Teviot, for uninterrupted views, or more traditional steel bar Juliets like the Liffey, Thames, or Derwent Juliet balcony.

For more decorative options, we offer curved Juliets in the Tay and Medway designs, and contemporary designs in the Wye, Tweed and Tees Juliet balcony.

Browse our website to choose your new Juliet balcony or get in touch to request a custom design!

Published On: August 12, 2023
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