What is Powder Coating and why should you choose it for your Juliet Balcony?

Powder Coated juliet balcony

Powder coating provides additional protection and adds character to your Juliet balcony. Learn about Forjj’s powder coating service and find out if it’s the right option for your balcony:

What is powder coating?

Powder coating, also known as polyester powder coating, is the process of adding a luxurious factory finish to your Juliet balcony. It is an alternative to wet paint and involves applying an electric charge to the metal then spraying with powdered plastic. The powder particles attract to the metal railing and are sealed by being cured in an oven. This creates a durable, coloured finish and adds an extra layer of protection on top of the hot-dip galvanising process which Forjj includes for all of our high quality metalwork.

All of Forjj’s Juliet balconies come in black, white and anthracite grey powder coating as standard, but we also offer the full RAL colour range so you can match your Juliet balcony perfectly to the décor and style of your home or commercial property!

What are the benefits of choosing a powder coated Juliet balcony?

Powder coating provides a long-lasting and stylish finish for your home’s gates or Juliet balconies. The treatment means that your metalwork is:

Durable: your balcony can withstand even the most extreme British weather with the extra protection provided by powder coating.

Safe: our powder coating process is done in accordance with the British Standard BS 6497.

Smooth: enjoy a smooth finish that gives your balcony a glamorous and soft appearance. In comparison with metalwork that has been painted using traditional wet paint, the powder coated railings will also have an even finish without drips or runs.

Low maintenance: simply clean the balcony every 6-12 months using dish soap and a soft cloth, and if any damage occurs, the paint can easily be fixed with colour-matched brushed paint or spray.

Powder coating also means that your investment is long-lasting, saving you money down the line as it keeps the balcony looking great for much longer.

Forjj Juliet balconies are long-lasting, high quality, and weather resilient. We can make your balcony or railing as unique as you’d like with the option of a full range of colours and would love to hear your ideas for the style and finish for your new Juliet balcony.

Our team will always work with you to find the perfect Juliet balcony for you and can offer bespoke Juliet balconies if necessary. If you need more information about our Juliet balconies, please get in touch.

Published On: March 28, 2023
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