Let natural light in with safe, sophisticated glass Juliet balconies

glass Juliet balconies

Forjj glass Juliet balconies are a popular choice for both domestic and commercial buildings because they let in natural light, provide additional security, and help increase the value of property.

Juliet balconies are placed across a door opening or raised window to add safety and kerb appeal to your home or business. They are a great choice for properties where it is difficult to obtain planning permissions for a terrace, balcony, or outdoor area.

Benefits of glass Juliet balconies

Glass Juliet balconies provide a clear view out of your terrace, window, or balcony. They allow natural light to brighten up your home or commercial property whilst also adding a level of safety to windows and doors at height. Glass and stainless steel add to the modern design of your building and help maximise the feeling of space.

A glass Juliet balcony can also allow windows and doors to be opened for ventilation without any concern and make window openings safer. They are easy to maintain and long-lasting, making them a great investment for your property.

The Severn glass Juliet balcony and the Teviot stainless steel Juliet balcony from Forjj are two fabulous options if you are looking to install a glass balcony: they are each elegant, easy to install, and a valuable safety addition to any building.

The Severn has a mild steel frame with a long-lasting galvanised and powder coated finish. Our Teviot glass balconies come with a high-quality 48mm diameter stainless steel frame that features a luxurious satin finish. They feature 10mm clear toughened safety glass as standard. However, keep in mind that other glass finishes are available such as opaqued, tinted, or self-cleaning glass.

Forjj Juliet balconies are long-lasting, high quality, and weather resilient. We offer a range of glass Juliet balconies for both commercial and domestic buildings, including the Severn Glass Juliet balcony and the Teviot stainless Juliet balcony.

Our team will always work with you to find the perfect Juliet balcony for you and can offer bespoke Juliet balconies if necessary. If you need more information about our Juliet balconies, please get in touch.

Published On: January 16, 2023
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