Safe and Strong Juliet Balconies from Forjj

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Forjj is committed to providing high-quality, safe, durable, and strong Juliet balconies and metalwork for both residential and commercial properties throughout the UK.

So, how does Forjj differ from other Juliet balcony manufacturers when it comes to strength and safety?

We take extra steps to ensure that our Juliet balconies are safe and secure – find out why you should choose Forjj balconies:

Our exterior mild steel products are hot dip galvanised as standard. This provides years of corrosion and rust resistance, maintaining the strength of the underlying steel for longer, no matter the conditions. The specific process of hot dipping also creates a more robust zinc layer to protect from even the harshest and exposed climates. We also offer powder coating, which creates a durable, coloured finish and adds an extra layer of protection on top of the hot-dip galvanising process.

We include extra safety features for fixing your Juliet balcony to your property. Every Forjj balcony includes a minimum of six points to anchor to the building rather than the standard four, and for larger apertures the Juliet includes a bottom central fixing point. This provides fault tolerance for failed fixings and ensures maximum reliability.

We use heavier-duty materials. Combining the expert knowledge of our accredited structural engineer and over 30 years of experience in the industry, we understand the best material for the job. Sometimes materials that meet the bare minimum standard for compliance just don’t look or feel strong enough to give the end user full peace of mind. Our range of robust mild and stainless steel metalwork is manufactured in our County Durham factory to the highest standards.

Our products are certified. In the metalwork industry, the UKCA mark is governed by the British Standard BS EN 1090-1 but, unfortunately, this vital safety legislation is ignored by some balcony manufacturers. We are UKCA certified, and are also compliant with UK Building Regulations, British Standards, and NHBC Technical Guidelines. Our certifications means that our equipment, processes, and products are tested to the highest standards to ensure strength, safety, load resistance, and high-quality workmanship.

Looking for a safe, durable, and high-quality Juliet balcony for your home or business? Browse our range of standard Juliet balconies online or get in touch for a custom design. 

Published On: August 30, 2023
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