Lookbook: Traditional Juliet Balcony Designs

stainless steel juliet

Classic Juliet balcony designs in steel can add a touch of timeless elegance to your traditional property. Add an eye-catching element to the exterior of your home, let more daylight and fresh air in, and create safer windows and doors with a traditional Juliet balcony!

Check out our range of traditional style Juliet balconies for your home or business premises:

Minimalistic Juliet Balcony Designs

Simple yet sophisticated traditional Juliets come in clean lines and feature a wrought-iron look to make a timeless statement.

The basic Liffey design is our most popular Juliet, in a classic design with vertical lines and an ergonomic shaped top rail.

liffey juliet

Or, choose the Tay Juliet balcony, which has similar vertical infill bars but with a partially bowed feature toward the bottom to make the balcony look larger.

tay juliet

Decorative Traditional Juliet Balconies

If you are looking for a classic Juliet balcony design with a bit of charisma, we offer three standard Juliets featuring charming decorative details!

The soft circular features in the upper feature bar of the Tees Juliet balcony make a nice clean statement, or add a bit more pizzazz with the Medway, featuring a similar ring design but with added dimension due to the curvature of the entire balcony.

medway juliet

Medway Juliet balcony


X marks the spot with the Tweed Juliet, which boasts ornamental cross features in the four corners and in the centre of the traditional design.

tweed juliet

Bespoke Modern Juliet Balconies

If you have unique ideas for a traditional balcony design, let us bring them to life: we are happy to discuss new styles and can offer you any RAL colour powder coating for your custom made Juliet balcony!

Simply contact the Forjj team who can kick-start your project.

View our full range of Juliet balconies for sale online.

Published On: March 22, 2024
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