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What type of railings and gates are best for my property?

If you are looking for increased security and added structure around your garden or drive with a stylish addition of metal railings and gates, there are a few considerations to take into account for finding the best material, style, and size for your property.

Read our guide to choosing the most suitable gates and railings for your home or business […]

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Lookbook: Traditional Juliet Balcony Designs

Classic Juliet balcony designs in steel can add a touch of timeless elegance to your traditional property. Add an eye-catching element to the exterior of your home, let more daylight and fresh air in, and create safer windows and doors with a traditional Juliet balcony!

Check out our range of traditional style Juliet balconies for your home or business premises:

Minimalistic […]

2024-04-08T11:22:06+00:00March 22, 2024|

Lookbook: Double Tweed Juliet Balconies

The team at Forjj is always delighted to see the lovely photos our customers share with us of their new Juliet balconies!

We recently supplied a pair of our stylish Tweed Juliet balconies to a lovely customer whose builders installed them side-by-side on adjacent bi-fold doors on the first floor of their enchanting property.

The Tweed Juliet features a contemporary feel […]

2024-03-21T16:05:35+00:00March 8, 2024|

Feedback: Liffey Juliet Balcony in a Loft Conversion

Forjj recently supplied a luxurious Juliet balcony for a stunning loft conversion for our customer, Andy, and the pictures show an incredible addition to the lovely home!

The mild steel Liffey Juliet, set outside a sliding door in the new dormer extension, matches the anthracite grey door frame and cladding. The balcony features a polyester powder coating factory finish and […]

2024-02-23T13:04:06+00:00February 16, 2024|

2023 in Review

Happy New Year from Forjj!

The team at Forjj would like to say a huge thank you to all of our customers and partners for your custom and support throughout the last year.

Our company experienced a successful 2023, with a meaningful move to a new factory more than double the size of our previous premises and a mark of […]

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Juliet Balconies Made in the UK

Forjj is a proud British manufacturer of mild steel, stainless steel and glass Juliet balconies, with over 30 years of experience in the metalworking industry supplying high quality mild and stainless steel metalwork to UK homes and commercial properties.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

Forjj, a trading name of Steelcraft (NE) Ltd, operates from an expansive manufacturing plant in Tanfield Lea in Stanley, County […]

2023-11-14T10:30:14+00:00October 24, 2023|

Lookbook: Modern Juliet Balconies

Juliet Balconies in contemporary designs can modernise the exterior of your property, adding a touch of sophistication and edge to your home. Discover our range of modern Juliet balcony designs and go bold with a striking and elegant Juliet balcony:

Contemporary Steel Juliet Balconies

Our Thames Juliet balcony boasts a thick handrail above the narrow vertical infill bars, drawing the eye […]

2023-10-24T10:51:19+00:00October 11, 2023|

Can I install my own Forjj Juliet balcony?

If you are in the market for a new Juliet balcony and are keen to attempt to fit it yourself, the good news is that the installation process can be quite straightforward and simple!

Read our tips for safely and securely installing a Juliet balcony:

1. Pick out the right Juliet balcony for self-installation.

Once you’ve decided on the style […]

2023-10-09T11:20:27+00:00September 29, 2023|

Safe and Strong Juliet Balconies from Forjj

Forjj is committed to providing high-quality, safe, durable, and strong Juliet balconies and metalwork for both residential and commercial properties throughout the UK.

So, how does Forjj differ from other Juliet balcony manufacturers when it comes to strength and safety?

We take extra steps to ensure that our Juliet balconies are safe and secure – find out why you should […]

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