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A gate is inviting yet protective; welcoming visitors and discouraging intruders. While it was once more common for homes to have a timber gate (requiring a high level of maintenance) we now find metal gates are the most desirable option for new or renovated homes. Metal gates provide the benefit of added strength and durability, require less upkeep, and offer a wider range of design choices.
All Forjj gates come hot-dip galvanised as standard, adding years of life over timber and lower-standard metal options. Additionally, we can provide powder coated factory finishing for a truly premium appearance.

We offer a range of standard designs but also offer a bespoke service so if you have a different size or style in mind, or have any other questions not covered by our advice pages please get in touch.

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  1. Middridge Single Gate - 1m High
    Middridge Single Gate - 1m High
    As low as £93.00 £77.50
  2. Bishop Single Gate - 1m High
    Bishop Single Gate - 1m High
    As low as £94.20 £78.50
  3. Newton Single Gate - 1m High
    Newton Single Gate - 1m High
    As low as £98.40 £82.00
  4. Shildon Single Gate - 1m High
    Shildon Single Gate - 1m High
    As low as £100.20 £83.50

4 Items

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Specialising in railings, gates and balconies, Forjj provide a collection of ready-made and made-to-order metalwork solutions for any home renovation or development.

With a quality selection of gates available, Forjj can be both competitive on price AND lead times. Whether you are looking for inspiration, or have a clear idea of what you want, we are happy to help with your home are garden design needs.


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Garden gate prices can vary depending on the quality of the materials used and the level of coating and protection provided.

Forjj are determined to offer gates above and beyond the ‘average’ gate. All of our gates are hot-dip galvanized (better than electro-zinc or galvafroid primers) meaning our garden gates wont rust or rot like some inferior products on the market. This value-for-money mentality is what sets us apart from our competition as we see our products as an investment in your home, and you should not need to repair or replace over and over.

If you have any design questions please contact us and a member of the Forjj team will help.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


Is a metal gate better than a wooden/timber gate?

From a design perspective it is largely down to personal preference, but if you are looking for long-lasting quality then a metal gate wins hands-down. Wooden gates often require re-coating each year to prevent rot or swelling, however a glavanized gate if undamaged can provide 30-100 years of protection, meaning you don’t need to worry.

Why are your materials larger than other websites?

From our 30+ years experience in the UK construction industry, the materials we specify is considered the industry standard. Anything less than this and the gate can bend and warp and does not provide the style or security a good garden gate should offer.

If you needed a gate made of specific materials (to match another for example) then of course we would be happy to help by speaking with our team directly.

Do I need straps or posts?

If you are fitting between timber posts or brick pillars these will often be strong enough to drill into and hold the weight of your garden gate. On this occasion wall straps and fixings would be the most suitable method for installing your gate.

If there are no existing pillars or posts then Forjj are able to supply metal posts, made to the same high standards as our gates, with all the appropriate metalwork furniture attached for ease of fitting.

Can Forjj fit my gate?

As we supply direct and to the trade we do not currently offer a fitting service. We do offer supply and fit services to national house builders such as Taylor Wimpey and Bellway through our parent company Steelcarft Ltd, so can confidently advise for most gate fitting scenarios through our customer service lines.

My measurements are not exactly the same as your sizes, can I still order?

All of our gates come with a range of adjustment on the hinges, meaning your opening does not need to be an exact match. If you have any concerns over which size would be the best to order for your opening then do not hesitate to contact our sales team who would be happy to help.

In the event we are unable to achieve the size gate you require through our standard size gates then we can look to offer a bespoke size with concept and dimensional drawings prior to dispatch.